Extreme altitude


Our vineyards are located 2,500 meters above sea level

…at the foot of the stunning Nevado de Cachi. This characteristic makes them rank among the highest in the Calchaquíes Valleys, Argentina and the world.



Pure snow meltwater from the “Nevado de Cachi”



300  days of clear sky, intense sunlight and high diurnal range



sandy – loam.

The climate is dry, with long summers and little rainfall. In the highlands the winds clean the air, the vegetation is in excellent health, the soils are poor and stony and the snowmelt-water from the mountains purifies it all.

The extreme altitude confers unique characteristics to the vines:

At high altitude, there is more and better solar radiation and diurnal range, which makes the days warm, ideal for providing phenolic ripeness, and the nights cool, which benefits the acidity retention.

Also, to protect itself from the intense sunlight and the drastic temperature variation, the berry generates a thicker skin that enhances the presence of polyphenols and aromas in the wine

As a result, we achieve an authentic extreme altitude wine: intense, concentrated and very well structured, characterized by its deep colour and great aromatic potential, characteristics that will be balanced by a remarkable acidity, which provides freshness and ageing potential.


We love nature, its strength, wisdom and vital energy. We work to coexist in harmony with the local
community and natural environment, respecting their times and cycles to preserve their future.

Helped by the natural benefits of the terroir, we take care of our vineyards with agroecological and sustainable practices. We use exclusively vegetable and mineral preparations to encourage the natural balance of the terroir where soil and plants act as a self-nourishing ecosystem.

We achieve this through the daily human contact with the plants and the minimum intervention of machinery or other external agents, generating sources of employment.