Our entire wine variety share the same quality, as each wine is made through the same process, with variations in grapevine and aging only.

Currently, Isasmendi Winery produces approximately 10,000 liters of wine a year. This amount allows us to carry out a micro-fermentation process with 500 kg of grapes. It also allows for practices such as head plunging, constant observation of the must and a system of close attention that is reflected in the final product. All our wines are aged for at least 6 months in oak barrels, and they are stowed in the bottle for 6 more.

As a result of this painstaking and patient process, intense, dark and very aromatic wines are made, with a deep structure, red berry highlights and a violet aftertaste.

"I have nothing to say: the wine speaks for itself."
Jean Paul Bonnal

Línea Joven

Cellarius Torrontés

Hand crafted wine made 100% with Torrontés grape of the Calchaquí Valley, grown at 2400 mamsl.

Greenish yellow in color, Cellarius Torrontés offers a tenacious flower and dried fruit aroma typical of the wines of this region, respecting the deep-rooted taste of Alto Valle Calchaquí. Ideal to accompany regional dishes.

Drink preferably at 8 ºC.